The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.

If there was a ship that I wish currently existed, it would be some kind of vessel that allowed me to see variations of dimensions that i could freely travel through.

Imagine, you are coasting along your day, chewing bubble-gum and embroidering the summers intense heat in your mind to justify why you’re sweating through your shirt; it has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t exercise daily and that your heart is giving a full effort to make ends meet, no; it’s because the heat is directly coming from a crack that leads to hell and the devil has a demonic heater pointed straight up to your location specifically to make you sweat and feel hot as a hell; and as this moment of pure torture consumes you, a moment passes you by, and a car, being driven by some manic, drunk that just got laid off work, speeds pasted you and crashed directly into a man walking just a fox’s pace behind you with his dog, and instantly kills him.

The scene is absolutely horrifying for you to witness and every second longer, you can feel the imagine being carved deeper into your memories. Then you see the drunk man, he stumbles out of his car and reacts like any drunk does when they’re smacked out of their stupor. He begins to scream, grabbing his pine-straw like hair with his hands that resemble a bottle opener. His screams and words come out muffled by the beer still dripping out of his mouth, and the beer bubbles pop with each sharp exhale.

You watch the scene in curious horror. It stays with you for a few days and during those few days you wonder what could have happened had you been that man and not him. You ponder what happens if the man wasn’t laid off that day, and who that man that was killed could have been or would have been. You wonder all these things. That is the machine that I want… I want a machine that allows me to view the world within the 10th dimension. So I could see the entirety of every possibility that could happen. I wonder what my life would be like had a girl not destroyed my home robot project when I was in kindergarten (fuck you by the way, Rachael). Who would we be today when something that seemed so insignificant did or didn’t happen. Was that time you went to the drive-thru instead of cooking dinner that prevented you to starting a fire and killing everyone, including yourself, that lived in your apartment complex? That’s life in our 3rd dimensional reality.

I want a vessel that allows me to freely move among the 10th dimension. I want to see every possibility. It would be bonus points if the vessel was this sort of celestial creature, something that resembled a wise sage like tortoise or even an infinitely large spider that has built an intact tunnel system around all of the dimensions allowing you to freely travel with it. I want more in life, I want more adventure, I was something new than what I have now, and I believe that this would be endlessly entertaining.

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