the direction i plan to take this website

i know i made this blogpost to feature some of my poetry that i had been writing for the longest of a time. while it originally started as a platform to get my stuff out there and to to be the groundwork for a collection of poems i would later wish to published; the title of that book would obviously be Chasing Serotonin. however, or unfortunately, i have started to take a shift in my writing a little more and move on to bigger projects. a major focus of mine right now is novel writing, and i hope to keep some of the poetry format and implement it into my writing.

i know this means i’ll have to start actually capitalizing my letters, which this is something i really don’t like doing and i’m not sure why; maybe i’m just an asshole.

anyway, i hope to my viewers that enjoy my poetry will stick around for my short stories and novel concepts. thank you for the years of support and the chance to share my poetry to you all around world.

best of luck,

nao j. strain

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