this is Autumn

This is Autumn.

There was always an odd glow this time of year. The sunlight reflecting from the bounty of leaves piled on the ground, they lie there awaiting for the next gust of wind to pick them up and spread them over the browned grass. The air was autumn, and not a single hint of it being anything else. It was traditional amongst myself when driving during autumn to roll down the windows and turn the heater on together while driving. A simple pleasure for a simple drive through the country side.

It was quieter here. Nothing like the murmuring streets of New York, or the plastic avenues of Los Angeles, no, no it was vacant but not hollow. The quietness was dense and full of warmth, it wasn’t eerie or remotely unwelcoming; an homage to the first sip of beer after a long work day, one could say. This was autumn, this was autumn on the country-side.

“What did you like about autumn growing up so much, grandpa?” a young boy asked

“Well, you see… I.. I don’t really remember anymore.” replied a confused older gentleman. “I.. don’t remember what it was about those autumn days that made me feel so happy, I just know that they did. I wish I could remember them, I wish I could go back whenever I wanted to. Have you ever had a dream where you wish you didn’t wake up, Tommy?”

Tommy smiled, “Well sure! I had a dream last week where I was flying but then mom woke me up for school. I wish I could fly in real life like that.”

“Ahh, I love those dreams,” he smiled and gently patted the boy’s head, “Well, just like your flying dream the autumn memories are my flying dream. I never want to wake up from them.”

“But, that’s not dreaming. That’s real life,” Tommy replied looking as confused as any 8 year old would.

“You’re too young to understand this.. but I promise you that you will one day. Maybe life is a dream, and we just haven’t woken up yet. I’m hoping that once I finally wake up, it’ll be autumn forever.

Tommy reached over to his grandpa who was lying in a bleak-white hospital bed and gave him a tough pinch.

Grandpa didn’t flinch.

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