Announcement: Daily writing prompt!

hi – hey, i decided to follow a list of daily writing prompts that are from wordpress. this means that everyday i will make a post about the topic of the day. once i am in the Peace Corps it’ll probably be hard to do this daily but i plan to write them down and post them whenever i have internet.

it is a step away from my poetry, and i know no one likes those, so no one will probably like these. however, i want to try and write everyday and more than just poetry.

well, thanks for supporting me through all my writing. everyone that follows me, those that like my nonsense, and even those that message me morbid/uplifting things.

i hope you look forward to reading them, or i hope you look forward to not reading them.

also, here is a link to the prompts:

please do it with me 🙂



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