the girl she used to be

a shadowy silhouette of my former self,
this confident child, which ceased to struggle.
i no longer embrace this smoky memory of me;
now others point out how much i can no longer juggle.

my accomplishments are perceived by a jealous eye,
i care too much about the delusional other.
i am broken down by the glares of those below,
and soon i am consumed by the hunger of another.


my mind expresses rage,
as my body resents my birth.
the voice of society,
brought hell on Earth.

i do not dance,
to these musical sheets;
these social norms,
which have constricted me.

this culture has led,
to a battle within.
the image is strong,
it's ideal for men.

many strive away,
from the molds of birth;
but others hide away,
all they were worth.


it becomes impossible to escape,
as my thoughts form into traps.
blood boils and vision becomes impaired,
too much time has passed.

lava flows through my veins,
and stranger's voices ignite sparks.
everything in me is flammable,
it wasn't this way at the start.

the force around me is all too physical,
but i cannot see that which bounds me.
for the storm has started,
and i am stuck out at sea.