chemical imbalance

As I watch the door sway back and forth;
outlines of shadows appear and disperse.
Inside my chest the gates have been opened
only now could things get worse.

But I do not fear how one day I will disappear;
oh, how my appearance resembles calm and collective,
but my core trembles from despair...
This broken soul of damaged flesh,
smelled by wolves my bloody tomb drips.

I watch in anguish as I know it's me;
it's me they have come to consume.
Their eyes fixate on my crumbling core,
a bloodlust has arose;
they come to rip me from this world.

With fur grey obstructing vibrant colors from my eyes;
I count the beast as they surround me,
but numbers reach higher than those known by I.
No point in fighting...
here I die

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