na De da

Looking behind me, I see the long journey home;
have I really traveled this far?
Have I not noticed where I have gone?
I traveled through heat and snow; made my home where men refuse to go

However, I pulled my anchor up and I decided to depart;
countless times did my ship continue to sail,
countless times did i go through hell.
As an old man looking back at my fruitless journey,
I cannot help but pondered it all be for drudgery.

That or it all be for you'
asking myself did this captain not travel just to follow your path.
Did he never hold anchor because your stay did not last?

He stands on the island his ship did crash;
looks behind him and admires the orange dawn.
His face wrinkled from age, and salt from sea breeze.
The captain with his scruffy face leg's out a sigh -
"My journey was pointless but now I understand that's life."

Kicking the sun bathed white sand, with his sun burnt feet; 
the captain continues to speak,
"but looking back, I would not want another life."
The captain laid forsaken in his hollow grave,
not a friend or a lover came that day.

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