Eu vim de longe; Só pra te ver

Omnipresent is the Gemini's burden 
but what remains untold - the winter born human
Sewn into the tapestry and directed by forces unknown,
digested from organisms; the product of crashing randomness
Throughout knots and weaves developed conscious realities
Tied down by threads and unable to reform;
each human, decided at the bang, was given a life;
one that they must retain, regardless of suffocating pain.

Alas, when insignificance crashes into earth;
the human must find glitter for whatever it's worth.
Rest assure this does not mean a child of infinite possibility would not fight -
before the abysmal darkness is brought by night.
No; it is a gift, a reward, a promise, the human's abstract
from bland colors and shapes they are able to form a message.

Do not relay on artist solely to express the pain and sorrow;
or delight and satisfaction; our breathing desire.
As the air remains in their lungs and yours;
let thoughts dance around your head and linger near your heart.
They will draw you in; take it as a gift or burden;
It was sewn in at the beginning; unchangeable it shall consist.

/i came from far away; just to see you/

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