church walls oozing slime

I've thrown away our God,
ate from the table made of sin.
I need someone to preach;
A parable made for me.
The burns were only a test
for the pain won't ever rest
No miracle, when I bowed my head;
never an angel once heard what I said
I need this to work; i need one last breath,
Push down on my chest,
my body can't do the rest.

chemical imbalance

As I watch the door sway back and forth;
outlines of shadows appear and disperse.
Inside my chest the gates have been opened
only now could things get worse.

But I do not fear how one day I will disappear;
oh, how my appearance resembles calm and collective,
but my core trembles from despair...
This broken soul of damaged flesh,
smelled by wolves my bloody tomb drips.

I watch in anguish as I know it's me;
it's me they have come to consume.
Their eyes fixate on my crumbling core,
a bloodlust has arose;
they come to rip me from this world.

With fur grey obstructing vibrant colors from my eyes;
I count the beast as they surround me,
but numbers reach higher than those known by I.
No point in fighting...
here I die


Sun rays sneak through openings within the color faded curtains;
dust particles dance as they suffocate the room of oxygen.
The light invades my tired eyes as I slowly arise from vivid dreams;
I dream of black and infinite blank; a world where nothing escapes the seams

Saints fear the madness which i encounter every night
but i loathe the madness which comes with daylight.
For only a split second do I remember-
what life without consciousness felt like.

oh dear miaho

Where will we be after the bells have rang
and monotony has set
We've passed the final step;
alone as newly weds.

Raised to believe it be the omega,
but grown to find it lost its shine
Help! they've screamed for many years
as small regrets whisper in ears.

Tempted men behave brash with little girls;
while crawling wives cut trees with butter knifes.
Flames appear above the heads of two lovers,
but fires simmer the more they know each other.

take me to Sonnen day Nacht

Thunder storms brewing at the peak of my mountain,
the gateway to serenity is blocked by lashes of whips.
Anger flows like lava in our very core, 
as pressure builds - temptations are harder to ignore.

Forever buried under sand, I...
An ancient curse;
slowly building,
rage. Eventually
without direction,
the light behind me.
The noisy burden,
the correction.

soon it’s soon later.

Timid thoughts quietly approaching the stream,
they fall in the water-coasting beautifully.
Sliding down the gushing waters - carried to the bank.

Stored with thoughts from day to death,
fishermen cast lines - stealing memories;
memories hoping to rest.

Gorging on the captive nutrients;
within the stolen happiness.
Why must they take pleasant sights?
Please, take away those awful nights.

It's unchangeable, the bait won't tempt sorrow;
all joy of yesterday will be fished tomorrow.
Oh fishers, won't you leave this stream -
won't you fish away from me?

And when the fish have been lured,
and the joyous memories devoured by man;
all which remains are the memories suffocating on the sand.